Pompey’s father, Gnaeus Pompeius Strabo , was a wealthy equestrian from Picenum in south and north of the modern regions of the Marche and Abruzzo , in central Italy, on the Adriatic coast. He was a novus homo new man. He acquired a reputation for greed, political double-dealing and military ruthlessness. He supported Sulla , who belonged to the optimates , the pro-aristocracy faction, against Marius , who belonged to the populares in favour of the people , in Sulla’s first civil war BC. He died during the siege of Rome by the Marians, Marius’ followers, in 87 BC, either as a casualty of an epidemic, [4] or by having been struck by lightning. It was brought there from Rome in by Galeazzo Arconati. Pompey had served two years under his father’s command, and had participated in the final part of the Social War. When his father died, Pompey was put on trial due to accusations that his father stole public property. He discovered that this was committed by one of his father’s freedmen.


It is based on the popular show Xena that featured Lucy Lawless in the title role. Having said that I did look online today and checked out the Xena mythology a little. Checked out the various characters that appeared on the show and no doubt there were a lot. You get in addition to Xena and Gabrielle as the two main characters the appearance of Aphrodite, Autolycus, Cupid, Draco, Ares and of course Hercules.

This particular parody seemed more like an episode of the series rather than a grand large scale story. The gist of it being Draco wanting to either fuck Xena or use her to do evil so he enlists Cupid- by getting him drunk pretty much, to shoot one of his arrows in order to put Xena under his influence.

Actually, there were two musical episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess, but it all began with ’s “The Bitter Suite,” the twelfth episode of Xena‘s third season. Up to that point, it had become known that Lucy Lawless was a pretty good singer, thanks to appearances on stage and belting on talk shows.

Xena co-creator Robert Tapert. Xena was developed in by John Schulian as a secondary character for Hercules: In , while rehearsing a sketch for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno , she broke her hip when she was thrown clear from her horse. Initially, she sets out to kill him. Xena runs a gauntlet , and survives, becoming the only person ever to survive the gauntlet.

She then fights Hercules, in the hope that she will regain her army if she can bring back his head. Xena seems to be getting the upper hand until Hercules’ cousin intervenes, making no real difference himself but inadvertently giving Hercules his sword, which allows him to fight Xena on equal ground and defeat her. However, Hercules refuses to kill Xena, telling her, “Killing isn’t the only way of proving you’re a warrior”. Touched and inspired by Hercules’ integrity, and by the fact that he too suffered the loss of blood kin as she did and yet chooses to fight in honor of them, she decides to join him and defeat her old army.

Her journey down the path of evil arguably begins when her beloved brother is killed during an attack by the warlord Cortese. Xena vows revenge and she becomes estranged from her mother as a result. Sometime later, she acts as the captain of a pirate ship, doing everything from raiding other ships to ransoming hostages. It is during one ransom attempt that she encounters the young, handsome and brash Roman nobleman named Julius Caesar.

Caesar is an experienced warrior and military commander with grand ambitions.

Did Hercules And Xena Hook Up

December 26, I have fallen in love with the show “Xena: Is she a professional athlete? The Legendary Journeys,” is gaining quite a cult following, just as “Hercules” did. Lawless is athletic, but she has never been a professional athlete.

After Xena is beaten up by Hercules’ army and tied to the back of a horse to be dragged to her death, we finally meet Gabrielle when she comes to the warrior princess’ rescue. She uses a cart to stop the horse in its tracks and detaches Xena from it before tending to her wounds.

The actress was one of the mass swarm of people who have fled the devastating storm. It took nine hours for what should have taken minutes. With her family back home and out of harms way, she left the city with three production members and is staying in Baton Rouge, LA. But the popular star is concerned for the people who weren’t as lucky as her.

I would move here if I could work here all of the time. Lucy is in Baton Rouge according to ET and is safe. Said she woke up in the wee hours to the sound of three explosions which was probably trees hitting power lines. Still lots of wind and rain but a safe place to be and they hope to go back to finish the movie. Talked to Lucy yesterday afternoon and she wanted everyone to know all the cast and crew of the movie are safely out of New Orleans.

Raised By My Future Chapter 6, a xena: warrior princess fanfic

Do not hesitate to comment and share your favorite! She is also widely known for her role as Number Three on the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series, and for the role of Lucretia on the television series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, its prequel Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, and its sequel Spartacus: In , Lawless appeared in Hercules and the Amazon Women, a Pacific Renaissance Pictures made-for-television film that became the television pilot for Hercules: In that episode, she played a man-hating Amazon named Lysia.

Oct 19,  · Hercules was perfect nerd bait for a teenage me. Greek mythology in a somewhat serialized format. The personification of Greek myths, though slightly altered, this show sent me to the library were I devoured books on the subject.

Many Christians don’t even accept evolution. It is much harder to realize that their favorite character is mythical and never existed. For Jesus-believers, here’s the long answer with evidence , which is needed to cover all bases: All reliable evidence points to Jesus Christ being just a myth. There is no reliable evidence that Jesus even existed, and significant evidence that he didn’t.

The evidence is in the Bible, the other religions of the time, and the lack of writings about Jesus by historians of the time. The story of Jesus can be shown to be just a myth created to fulfill prophesy, cobbled together out of stories from the Old Testament and previous gods and myths — created in the 40’s and 50’s by Paul of Tarsus who exhibited symptoms of epilepsy and had delusions of Christ talking to him , the other apostles, the unknown authors of the gospels in the 70’s or later, and many other people.

The reliable evidence for this is overwhelming.

Should You Really Compare the Super Hook to Hercules Hooks

It also became the last Trek show to be a continuation of what started with Star Trek: The article continues after these advertisements Xena was a different story. The title character played by Lucy Lawless first appeared in a trilogy of episodes of Hercules:

A: “Xena,” a syndicated spinoff of “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” is gaining quite a cult following, just as “Hercules” did. Lawless is athletic, but she has never been a professional athlete.

Kin One thing we’re certain of Cyrene is Xena’s mother. She was one of three children, with two brothers: Toris, the elder, and Lyceus, the younger. She also had a son, Solan, now deceased, with Borias, another warrior. Lyceus was killed when he battled, at Xena’s side, against the cruel warlord, Cortese. Xena thought Atrius abandoned his family when she was young.

She later learned that Cyrene killed Atrius because he was going to kill Xena. Finally, Gabrielle’s daughter, Hope, murdered Solan. This writer believes that Xena is indeed Ares’ daughter, as this lineage explains many of her abilities and also goes a long way toward explaining the remarkable number of Xena lookalikes that pepper ancient Greece. Presuming Ares’ genes are dominant, like the rest of him, any offspring would tend to look like him. Thus, Xena may have at least three, possibly four the fourth season will tell , half sisters in Meg, Leah, Diana and???.

Which is superior: Hercules or Xena

I’m a little late, but thanks for taking the time to review the FA-Pro movie. That’s a company that has made some of the best wartime rape movies I’ve ever seen, but even based on the caps, I knew this one wouldn’t be for me. No bondage at all? True, you don’t have to have to use ropes to rape a girl, but it sure helps.

And of course, no torture this time, either, so that’s another strike against it. I’m glad you at least liked part of it.

Xena has been on Netflix since The only way to watch the show is through DVD’s so now is the time to stock up. The Xena Movie Campaign has a link where you can request they bring back Xena (if Netflix still has the rights to the show).

After the incredible success of Star Trek: The Next Generation, other shows began to follow the same route. Hercules was perfect nerd bait for a teenage me. Greek mythology in a somewhat serialized format. The personification of Greek myths, though slightly altered, this show sent me to the library were I devoured books on the subject.

Knowledge I still retain today. Filmed in New Zealand, Hercules followed the titular character as he fought against his evil step-mother Hera, who murdered his family.

Hercules – The Legendary Journeys – The Xena Trilogy (1995) Promo (VHS Capture)

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