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They are frequently referred to as Bosnian Serbs Serbian: In the 20th century, persecution by Austria-Hungary, WWII genocide , political turmoil and poor economic conditions caused more to emigrate. Ethnic cleansing within Bosnia and Herzegovina in the s saw Serbs forced to different parts of Bosnia-Herzegovina, although having lived in numerous regions prior of Bosnia to the Bosnian Civil War. According to the report by the Bosnia and Herzegovina statistics office, on the census of there were 1, , Serbs living in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to De Administrando Imperio ca. They inhabited and ruled “Serbia”, which included “Bosnia” with two inhabited cities; Kotor and Desnik , and “Rascia”, and the maritime principalities of Travunija , Zahumlje and Paganija , the first two having been divided roughly at the Neretva river including what is today Herzegovina. During the rule of Mutimir r. The Serbs were important Byzantine allies; the fleets of Zahumlje, Travunia and Konavli Serbian ” Pomorje ” were sent to fight the Saracens who attacked the town of Ragusa Dubrovnik in , on the immediate request of Basil I , who was asked by the Ragusans for help.

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Early history of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia has been inhabited since at latest the Neolithic age. The earliest Neolithic population became known in the Antiquity as the Illyrians. Concrete historical evidence for this period is scarce, but overall it appears that the region was populated by a number of different people speaking distinct languages. It was precisely in modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina that Rome fought one of the most difficult battles in its history since the Punic Wars , as described by the Roman historian Suetonius.

Some claim that the region was conquered by the Ostrogoths in AD.

Stay up to date on the latest news, analysis, and commentary in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Browse our archives of magazine articles, interviews, and in-depth essays from experts in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

In addition to the uncataloged directories listed below, the Library also holds a handful that are cataloged and may be paged from the closed stacks using their call numbers. To locate these directories, search the online catalog using subject keywords such as “Yugoslavia” and “directories”, or “Bosnia” and “directories,” or the name of a city plus “directories”.

The Library of Congress also has a reel microfilm set of telephone directories entitled Telephone Directories from Former Yugoslavia, the contents of which are presented in the list below. The type of directory is indicated by the words “residential”, “organizational,” or “both” for directories that include both business and private numbers. For items in the closed stacks or the Microform Reading Room a reader must request the items by completing a call slip.

All volumes held on Deck 5S are filed under Yugoslavia, not under the individual countries. An explanation of the information found in the notes field of this guide is in order. All directories are in the Latin alphabet unless otherwise noted.

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Ekrem Spahic etc. Anybody wishing to study the history of Islamic culture in Bosnia-Herzegovina seriously should consult numerous works of Hamdija Kresevljakovic , an outstanding Muslim Croat, member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb, author of an important monograph about history of Croatian literature in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For more information see [ Karihman ]. It should be noted that the literary and scientific activity of such intellectuals has been severely suppressed during the 70 years’ Yugoslav period, resulting that today a very small percentage of the entire Muslim Slav population in BiH and Croatia has the awareness of its Croatian roots.

Hrvati islamske vjere We can document the equivalence of the name of Bosniak and Hrvat during many centuries, until the Yugoslav period see below. It seems that the final and almost complete national individualization of Muslim Slavs took place only during the tragedy they experienced during the Serbian large-scale aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina in the period of the aggression against BiH started already in October by the slaughter of the Croats in the Herzegovinian village of Ravno.

Your cultural interpreter was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina the youngest of seven children. She was raised in this town of Zenica in Bosnia-Herzegovina until the age of 18 and then she moved to Sarajevo to continue her studies.

This introduces an interesting but obscure chapter in history, straddling Spain and France and consequently tending to be left by treatments of Spain to French history, and by treatments of France to Spanish history. Not all of it was ultimately retained by Spain, but readily accessible sources don’t seem to show either the difference between the old and new boundaries or what happened to the rulers of Navarre after the annexation — the table at right picks up at that point.

This seems like a grave oversight for the history of France. The history of Navarre is obscure enough that I found the full genealogy only with recourse to a succession of more serious and complete sources. Family trees for the Bourbons, such as given here , almost never go back further than the father, Henry, of Henry IV’s mother Jeanne. Brian Tompsett’s Royal and Noble genealogy originally enabled me to fill in the gaps, but there are some obscurities and questions in the information of both Tompsett and Hay that I had to compare with other sources.


Pinterest Google It is very difficult to decide what are 5 most important Archaeology sites of a country that has hundreds of national monuments to be precise , many of which are from prehistoric and roman times. There is a hill fort or acropolis in the central part of the city which is fortified by megalithic wall, similar to those in Mikena. The megalithic wall which is the most important part of the city was dated in 4th century BC. Since Daorsi were skilled traders, they produced their own coins in their mint facility and used Greek language and alphabet.

The whole town will captivate you with its historical and natural beauty. There you can see remains from roman period, including one of the most important roman sites in this part of Europe:

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is still predominantly a cash economy. Travelers should not expect to use credit cards to cover all expenses even though they are becoming accepted more widely. Automated teller machines ATMs are available at the banks in Sarajevo and other major cities and towns. Cash transfers from abroad may involve delays, but Western Union transfers are available in many banks and post offices throughout the country. All official payments must be made in convertible marks KM , the national currency.

Foreigners attempting to exchange money should be prepared to present their passport to complete the transaction. Discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is a problem in Bosnia and Herzegovina. While reports of physical attacks on people identified as LGBTI are rare, hate speech, especially on web portals, is much more common. There are some laws protecting the rights of the LGBTI community, but these laws are not universally enforced and the community has a relatively low profile.

There are no significant Pride events, and attempts to hold such events have not been supported by the Government. Travelers Who Require Accessibility Assistance: While in Bosnia and Herzegovina, individuals with disabilities may find accessibility and accommodation very different from in the United States. The law mandates that all public buildings be retrofitted to provide access to persons with disabilities.

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Designed by Mimar Hayruddin, a student of Mimar Sinan — the great Ottoman architect, the bridge was completed in and had the widest man-made arch in the world at the time at 98 ft 5in long and 13ft 1in wide and 78ft 9in high. The bridge was destroyed in the Croat-Bosniak War and reconstructed using original materials and building methods in In contrast, Sarajevo has been at the center of two war-related historical events. It is characteristic of Turkish monumental architecture with 11 masonry arches.

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PROSPECTS Wine the best performing alcoholic drinks category over the review period The increasing popularity of wine was one of the biggest trends in alcoholic drinks in Bosnia-Herzegovina at the end of the review period, with the category registering the strongest total volume growth over This trend is primarily being driven by the ongoing development of the domestic and regional winemaking industry, which in turn has helped to educate domestic consumers and fuel interest in winemaking and a wine drinking culture.

Champagne records the strongest growth but remains a niche Champagne was the best performing wine category in Bosnia-Herzegovina in , registering double-digit total volume growth, albeit from a very low base. Champagne currently remains a niche, being a luxury product which is only affordable to an extremely small group of consumers, but who, more importantly, want to show off their elite status. However, an increase in illicit trade was also observed.

Traditionally, regional and domestic wines have dominated sales in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but historically the focus was primarily on volume, whereas the past decade has witnessed a shift towards quality. Increasing contribution of small manufacturers The number of winemakers in Bosnia-Herzegovina rose sharply over the review period. As consumers have become better educated and willing to buy higher quality wines, the category has become increasingly attractive to small independent manufacturers with low production capacity, which they can now make up for by focusing on quality.

Regional wine trends At the end of the review period the share of domestic winemakers in Bosnia-Herzegovina increased slightly, mainly thanks to the penetration of new players. Files are delivered directly into your account within a few minutes of purchase. Samples Overview Why buy this report?

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It represents one of the first Ottoman incursions into the territory of the Serb lands of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Serbs from Bosnia often helped the overall Serb srtuggle against Ottoman conquest of various Serbian lands. In the late 14th and middle of the 15th century, the Ottoman Empire started to conquer Bosnia. Herzegovina was conquered in

Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosna i Hercegovina Босна и Херцеговина Flag Coat of arms Anthem: “Državna himna Bosne i Hercegovine” Location of Bosnia and Herzegovina (green) in Europe (dark grey) Capital and largest city Sarajevo 43°52′N 18°25′E  /  °N °E  / ; Official languages None at federal level National languages Bosnian Croatian.

Flying into Sarajevo, we landed in a small airport just outside of the capitol and the view from my window revealed rolling hills, trees and red rooftops. The following week that was spent exploring Bosnia and Herzegovina was one of the most enlightening portions of the entire trip and I guarantee that anyone visiting the former Yugoslav nations and makes their way to Bosnia will find that its history, architecture, landscapes and personalities to be one of the most intriguing.

With the amount of things to do, see and learn in Sarajevo and Mostar I could have spent weeks taking it all in. Although evidence of the war is spread throughout the city with scars of sniper blasts through windows and doors and genocide memorials, I want to highlight the aspects of the country that those who live there are proud of.

The affordability, ease of transportation and feeling like you are off the beaten trail as far as not being overrun by other tourists, are all aspects that are making this county becoming a backpacking hotspot. Our time in the country was focused on Mostar and Sarajevo, but cities such as Tribinje have lots to offer as well. There are a few important things to know about Bosnia and Herzegovina: For one, it is one country despite what the name of the country may lead you to believe, Bosnia represents the north and Herzegovina the south.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina facts, Bosnia and Herzegovina geography, travel Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina internet resources, links to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Official web sites of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, art, culture, history, cities, airlines, embassies, tourist boards and newspapers.

Early history of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia has been inhabited since at latest the Neolithic age. The earliest Neolithic population became known in the Antiquity as the Illyrians. Concrete historical evidence for this period is scarce, but overall it appears that the region was populated by a number of different people speaking distinct languages. It was precisely in modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina that Rome fought one of the most difficult battles in its history since the Punic Wars , as described by the Roman historian Suetonius.

Some claim that the region was conquered by the Ostrogoths in AD. It subsequently changed hands between the Alans and the Huns. By the 6th century, Emperor Justinian had reconquered the area for the Byzantine Empire. Slavs overwhelmed the Balkans in the 6th and 7th centuries. Illyrian cultural traits were adopted by the South Slavs, as evidenced in certain customs and traditions, placenames, etc.

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Overview[ edit ] The Federation and the RS governments are charged with overseeing internal functions. Each has its own government, flag and coat of arms, president, parliament FBiH and assembly RS , police force, customs, and postal system. The police sectors are overseen by the state-level ministry of safety affairs. Since , Bosnia and Herzegovina has one set of Armed forces. Inter-entity borders are not determined on natural geographical features of the region.

Unique, Medieval, dating back to the Ottoman era, present day Ottoman-Mediterranean style architecture fortress in Počitelj town, is one of the very few urban ensembles in Bosnia and Herzegovina preserved in their integrity to the present Pocitelj, we keep going, and after a .

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Written By: See Article History national flag consisting of a blue field background divided by a large yellow triangle and a diagonal line of nine white stars; the stars at the top and bottom are cut off by the edges of the flag. Its width-to-length ratio is 1 to 2. Bosnia, with its mixed ethnic population, never developed distinctive national symbols of its own. Under communist-led Yugoslavia from to —92, for example, the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina simply used a red banner with a small version of the Yugoslav national flag in the canton.

The Bosnian-dominated government therefore adopted what it hoped would be a neutral symbol from the far past. That blue shield with a white diagonal stripe separating six golden fleurs-de-lis was placed in the centre of a white flag. The artistic rendition, officially adopted on May 4, , was created by Zvonimir Bebek. This flag was rejected by many Croats and Serbs as the nation slipped into civil war.

Peace accords signed in Dayton, Ohio, U.

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